Postmaster Cadre officials Circle conference will be held on 12.01.2013 at Mumbai Central, at 10.00 a.m. Unity is strength....

Season's greetings to all

Dear Postmaster,

Season's greetings to all,


This is the time for recollecting the memories and to take new oaths to follow in coming new-year. We also made many targets officially, personally and unitedly to achieve our goals. We can say we fulfilled them to some extend also.


In the month of November 2011 we meet all India level and formed an ad hoc body and represented our issues with centrally at all times. In April 2012 CHQ members attended Directorate and represented our side. Cadre restructure proposal is also submitted to them in time. What we achieved is only a platform. But we wanted to build up a bridge between us and Administration.


Administration assured us to support in all ways centrally.


Many of our CHQ members are more generous and make the expenses to meet our goal personally. This state of fund position is giving worry. Without contribution from each and every member of our association  nothing can be achieved. Asking funds and giving that for a meeting and keeping silent for years together till the next call is concerning us that all of you are interested in our association or not. Forming and functioning an association for the common cause is not a one man show.  So We on behalf of all the loyal Postmasters of Maharashtra Circle request all the Maharashtra circle Postmaster to handover the fund in form of donation to the authorised members of your region and division.


To meet the ensuing expenses for Maharashtra Circle conference and further leads after the meeting the donation is fixed Rs.500/- one time. This is other than the monthly subscription that was already intimated as Rs.50/per month. When courage, genius, and generosity hold hands, all things are possible.


Hope the fund collection should be started by the regional representatives immediately as the Circle conference and a dynamic decision on the occasion on 12th January 2014 at
Mumbai Central, Mumbai at 10.00 a.m.

Calendar of Departmental Examinations 2014.

Calendar of Departmental Examinations 2014.

Sl No.
Name of the Examination
Proposed Schedule tentatively
(A)Centralised Examination
Inspector of Posts Examination
23rd and 24th August 2014
Ps Gr ‘B’ Examination
Postmaster Grade – I Exam
LGO Examination for PAs/SAs in Circle
24th August 2014 Sunday
Junior Engineer( C&E)Examination
Will be notified after receipt of Question Banks and syllabus revised . For the vacancies of previous years.
Assistant Engineer ( C&E)Examination
Same as Above
Sr Postmaster Examination
Tentatively proposed to be held on October 2014, by which time it is expected that court verdicts will be pronounced.
PAs/SAs Direct Recruitment Examination
March 2014 for 2013 vacancies. Another recruitment in November 2014 for 2014 vacancies.
Assistant Manager ( MMS)
Will be notified after receipt of revised Recruitment rules /question Banks and syllabus revised.
Assistant accounts Officer (AAO)
As Above.

Sl No.
Name of the Examination
Proposed Schedule tentatively
(B) Decentralised Examination
Confirmation Examination for direct recruit Jr Accountants in PAO
17th & 18th may 2014
LDCs to Junior Accountants in PAOs
14th &15th June 2014
LGO Examination for promotion to Assistants of other wings i.e. MMS , Foreign Post, RLO, Stores Depot and CO/RO
20th July 2014
Postman Examination
Direct Recruitment to Multi tasking Staff
To be held in October for 2014 vcancies.
PO&RMS Accountant Examination
25th May,2014
Departmental Examination for promotion to LDCs in PAOs from Sorters and MTS.
Departmental Examination for promotion to LDCs in PAOs from MTS qualified in matriculation

Maharashtra circle postmaster cadre official meeting notice

Dear Postmaster,

We have answered many phone calls,email and staus updates in social networks on the proposal submitted to Directorate and meeting with the Chief Postmaster General of Maharashtra Circle.Also in the new developments of our participation in the 7th pay commission meeting and other official meetings on cadre restructuring, we decided to take a strong decission on our stand for the need of the time. Therefore, it is proposed to hold all  Maharashtra Circle Postmaster Cadre officials meeting in Mumbai in the second week of January2014. Therefore all are requested to book their tickets as well as apply for the leave well in advance to enable them to attend the meeting. The venue will be intimated in this blog very soon.






Cadre restructuring in Post Master Cadre



The services at Post offices offered have grown in the traditional areas of sale of stamps, booking of Money orders and registered letters as also in Savings Bank functions, especially where Post Offices disburse NREGA wages to beneficiaries. In many post offices these activities are carried out electronically, new services like e-payment, e-post etc is also offered. Further the Department has also entered into agreements with private players like Western Union for money transfers. In the area of mail, both express, parcel and traditional, the Department of Posts faces tremendous competition. It has to offer excellent services by way of continuous upgrades in quality and in the add on value of its mail products, like 100, national billing, same day delivery of corporate mail etc “to improve/upgrade the functioning of the Post Offices, meet the present day requirement of specialization in Postal office management in the wake of introduction of technology, challenges from market and to increase productivity that it has absolutely become essential and to ensure that key Post Offices are headed by professional managers.”

Thus, Department of Posts had created Post Master cadre three years back by carving out 33% of LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I posts as Gr.I, Gr.II and Gr.III respectively. We hope that the very purpose of creating this cadre is fulfilled from our side with constant efforts.  The Department has been benefited by creating this cadre because almost all Gr.I/II Post offices are working efficiently in India when compared to previous period in MNOP and CBS projects.  In future also, Department has to depend on this cadre to implement various project under India Post, 2012 several other ensuing innovative projects in future.

All Post offices identified under Post Master Cadre are Head Post Offices, Mukhya Dak Ghars, Offices identified for Core Banking Solution (CBS), major delivery Offices and Offices located in prime locations serving as face of India Post. But there is no departmentally approved powers,rights and identity.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Post Master in independent post offices:-

Operative units are the face of the Post Offices. Our Business depends upon the operative functions. But this is crystal clear that the vital side is ignored and least importance is given from years together. The in charge of an operative units is not seen in a way of prestige as in case of an section /divisional incharge and the highest responsibility takers are very less.

Post Master made involved in each and every work of a post office.  From Postal Manual Volume-I to Volume-VI and PO Guide part-I to Part-II and POSB Manual Vol.I and Vol.II, and the circulars issued from time to time by the department at whtsoever working environment of his unit .

The Postmasters are pulled in all and every irregularity directly performed by their subordinate in the name of implied duties.

The detailed list of the duties and responsibilities of a Postmaster is as under :

A. Daily List of Daily Duties of a Postmaster

 1. Opening of office

2. Supervising Cleaning and mopping of office

3. Ensure punctual attendance of staff


4. Maintenance of Attendance register


5. Allocation of duties to staff for the day


6. Attending Table Sorting of Mails received for delivery


7. Identification of Unpaid and Insufficiently Paid articles


8. Maintenance of Unpaid Register


9. Authorisation of Mos and Emos for delivery


10. Authorisation for Treasurer for payment to Postman


11. Check Registered / Speed Post articles received


12. Ensure Postman to Proceed on for delivery in time


13. Check Letters and Circulars received


14. Circulate circulars for Staff


15. Attend Phone Calls


16. Check emails


17. Check CCC complaints


18. Check ePost messages received for delivery


19. Check Articles booked at counter in random


20. Prepare cheques for Wdls above 20000/-.


21. Attend supervisory work for SB transactions


22. Check Sanchay Post Pending forms for sanction.


23. Check cash excess or shortage with treasurer


24. Order Drawal of Cheques from bank / Cash


25. Order Remittance of Cash to Bank / Cash Office.


26. Attend Public enquires and complaints at office


27. Check filing of work papers of the previsous day


28. Ensure Punctual Clearance of Letter boxes


29. Supervise sorting of outward ordinary mails


30. Check Postman Return within dispatch schedule


31. Check Articles returned by postman


32. Check Redirection / Refused / left articles for dispatch


33. Check Payment vouchers of eMos and Mos


34. Ensure Articles returned are dispatched on the same day


35. Check of Standard Remarks by Postman


36. Check all articles booked are dispatched on the same day.


37. Check articles in deposit with the Abstract


38. Collect Articles in deposit for safe custody


39. Ensure undelivered insured articles with treasurer


40. Check VP articles in deposit with VP Register


41. Check Consolidation of VP / MO


42. Check Registered / Speed / Parcel Abstract and sign


43. Check POS account verification for all staff


44. Authorize eMos booked


45. Check submit accounts for Postman / window


46. Check and sign Schedules printed in POS / Postman


47. Check TCB with the physical balance of cash and stamps


48. Check for incorporation of accounts in Daily account


49. Invoicing Documents and requests in daily account


50. Generating and Printing of Daily Account


51. Cross check Documents with Daily account


52. Preparation of Account Bag for dispatch


53. Closing of Office.




B. Additional Duties of a Postmaster of Post offices with Bos





54. Ensure Articles for Bos are sorted


55. Ensure accountable items are invoiced in Bo slip


56. Ensure Instructions and circulars are sent to Bo


57. Ensure cash request and cash remittance to BO


58. Ensure supply of forms and stationery to Bo


59. Ensure closing of BO bag in time for conveyance


60. Opening of BO bags


61. Check remittances sent is acknowledged


62. Check remittances received at office with TCB


63. Check BO daily account items with vouchers


64. Check for same day delivery of mails at BO


65. Check for articles in deposit with reasons


66. Check Mos in Deposit with reason


67. Check for request for cash and stamps.


68. Check accounts and closing balances of Bos


69. Check for accounting of unpaid articles at Bos


70. Order and Sign BO daily account.


71. Check and sign the BO summary posted .


72. Transfer of Items and Vouchers to respective branches


73. Check for incorporation of BO accounts in SO


74. Check for any irregularities , Ommission in BO


75. Reporting of any such to the Concerned authority.



C. Daily Duties relating to Softwares at Office



76. Switch on Server and ensure Client Systems are on


77. Authorise Day Begin, Shift begin packages in sequence


78. Activate or Inactivate users accordingly


79. Change Names of Postman if any for the day


80. Allocate work for the day in each software


81. Check Consolidated reports in POS at regular intervals


82. Order Cash tranfer to Treasurer from Pos / SB counter


83. Submit Postman Cash to Treasurer


84. Tranfer VP Particulars for POS for booking


85. Authorise SB transactions at Sanchay Post


86. Submission of accounts for Postman


87. Verification of transactions for POS


88. Verification of SB transactions at SB Cash


89. Day end / Shift end of Softwares in Sequence



D. Occational Duties of Postmaster in maintenance of


systems and equipments at office



90. Check UPS and Batteries at office


91. Check Genset periodically for cleaning and servicing


92. Purchase of Diesel /Kerosene for gensets


93. check printers for refilling and gatridge changes


94. Ensure cleaning of all systems by AMC thro DO


95. Ensure Disk cleaning and defragmentation


96. Check Back-up


97. Ensure updation of software thro Sas



E. Daily Duties relating to Systems and softwares



98. Ensure that all communication packages work.


99. Updation of MIS


100. check emails and sites for updation


101. Reply to Complaints at CCC website


102. Transfer of sanchay post data


103. Transfer of DB analyser data.


104. Watch for Updation of antivirus and OS


105. Ensure upgradation of Drives and space in system



F. Standard Duties of Postmaster relating to office



Accounts / Assets and fittings



106. Maintain Stock book for all furnitures fittings


107. Maintain stock books for all display boards


108. Maintain stock / history sheets for all systems and devices


109. Maintain stock book for all sotware CDS


110. Maintain stock book for all stationery items


111. Maintain stock book for all SB related items


112. Maintain stock book for all Postal Stationeries


113. Maintain stock book for all unservicable items of the office


114. Maintain stock book for all condemned items



G. Duties relating to Preparation of Accounts and statements ( Monthly)



115. Preparation of SMR and submission to HO


116. Preparation of Annexure II statement for DO/RO/HO


117. Preparation of SO account month wise


118. Preparation and submission of Returns for Ist and II nd periods


119. Submission of Paid substitute bills for postman.


120. Preparation of Leave orders and APAR for Postman if any



H. Duties relating to the Head Post offices



121. Daily submission of ECB memos if any


122. Checking of SO Slip and documents there on


123. Payments relating to salary and mazdoor for staff


124. Payments relating to GPF and other advances


125. Preparation of Bills paid list for Hos


126. Settlement of OM from Hos and SBCO


127. Updation of erros in Sanchay Post softwares


128. Printing and forwarding of halfyearly balances for RD , MIS



I. Duties relating to Inspection Reports and Verification Reports



129. Compliance report for IR s and Vrs


130. Explanations and reporting for IR s and VR s


131. Facilitating for inspection records


132. Maintenance of Order book


133. Verification of memos received from Sub Divisions


134. Submission YVR and HYR


J. Duties relating to his own office



135. Preservation of records according to periods


136. Maintenance of MDW, DMSL , Duty chart , Book of information


137. Maintenance of Complaints and suggestion Book


138. Maintenance of CMAP


139. Drawal of cheques for Payments for accounts closed


140. Drawal of cash from bank


141. Maintenance of remittance register for cheques / cash to banks


142. Ensuring clearance of cheques presented to bank


143. Updation of date of clearance of cheques for ebills


144. Maintaining Office Order book


145. Daily check on closing stamp advance for office and staff


146. Ensuring cleaning of all seals and stamps of office


147. Check and signing Book of Postmarks on daily basis


148. Ensuring staff for relief on leave / Deputation / Training


149. Attending customer enquiries at office and clarification of doubts


150. Indenting for Forms and stationery


151. Indenting for stamps


152. Indenting for cash certificates


153. Indenting for Pass book and other registers



K. Duties as a Care taker of the Office Building and premises



154. Outside campus cleaned and garbage removed


155. Watering of plants/trees/lawn


156. Cutting of hedges and trimming of trees whenever required


157. All the campus lights and back lit boards in working order


158. Cleaning and mopping of office floors with disinfectant


159. Cleaning and mopping of counter area twice a day or more as per the


custome traffic and emptieng of waste paper baskets in public hall/office hall


160. Dusting of furniture/counters


161. Cleaning of window glass panes / counter glasses with water/spray


162. Cleaning of toilets after every two hours with phenyl/ disinfectant and


availability of water


163. Cleaning of wash basin and availability of naphthalene balls


164. Punctuality of staff


165. Availability of soap/liquid soap in toilet


166. Mopping of drinking water area every half an hour


167. Availability of sufficient cash at the counters


168. Fans / Tube lights/roof/walls to be cleaned at least once in a month


169. Free availability of forms used by the


170. customers at the identified place in public hall


171. Genset is in working order


172. Availability of sufficient diesel


173. UPS in working order – water level of batteries checked


174. Availability of sufficient office stationary



L. Duties relating to BD and Marketing



175. Ensure sale of Retail Post items for Business


176. Market all retail post items


177. Ensure placement of Advertisement Boards in and out of office


178. Ensure sufficient stock of Retail Post items by Proper indenting .


179. Attend meetings and melas


180. Provide Daily / Weekly / Monthly / quarterly / halfyearly / Annaul reports as





M. Duties relating to E based services



181. Market and book IMOs and Videsh Mos at office


182. Facilitate customer with refreshment for IMT transactions


183. Explain features of e products and service




N . Duties relating to PLI and RPLI



184. Procure PLI and RPLI business for the target alloted to the office


185. conduct melas and Drives for RPLI


186. Process policy proposals for submission to Sub Divisional Head


187. Account Proposals and Insured value procured at office and Bos


188. Issue Certificate of Credit for Premiums paid at the office


189. Process and send loan / closure / maturity of policies


190. Payment of Maturity / loan for policies at office marked by HO


191. Motivate Postman and GDS officials for procurement of RPLI policies




O . Duties relating to repairs to Software / systems and equipments



192. Log call with the AMC company for repair to systems and equipments


193. Inform DO / SA on software problems


194. Inform RO on problems referred to .


195. Record all problems relating to software / hardware and equipments


196. Ask for replacement of systems and equipments for repaired once




The above duties are not exhaustive.  Besides discharging routine Post Master

duties, we are also discharging duties by way of sale of prasadams, sale of mutual fund products, MMTS, WUMTS, Money Gram services, Sale of Gold Coins, Collection of data for Consumer Price Index, Booking and dispatch of Intermediate, 10th class exams, NIOS exams, sale of Applications of various university exams, sale of applications to different entrance exams etc.,.etc…etc….


Present Promotional Avenue:-


            Directorate had envisaged a separate promotional hierarchy for this cadre that after 6 years of continuous service in Gr.I PM cadre will get Gr.II PM, after completion of 5 years of service in Gr.II PM cadre will get promotion to Gr.III and after completion of 2 years of service in PM III cadre will get Senior Post Master promotion on seniority cum fitness basis.


  1. Post Master Gr.I posts                                 : 2097
  2. Post Master Gr.II Posts                                : 511
  3. Post Master Gr.III Posts                               : 495
  4. Senior Post Master Posts                           : 29 (out of 116, only 25% given to PM



            From the above calculation, we can come to a conclusion that out of 3103 Post Master cadre posts, only 29 Senior Post Master(Gazetted) was given. i.e. 0.93% only.  This is disappointing to the officials working in the cadre and also frustrating them to continue in the cadre.  Till 4th pay commission, LSG and Postal Inspector and HSG and ASP got same and identical scales.  From 5th pay commission disparity showing that Inspector cadre officials are exam passed candidates and LSG is only a promotion on seniority cum fitness basis.  Now these cadre officials are also selecting by Limited Departmental Competitive Exam which is conducting national wide and giving promotion upto Group-B level. Since many years, no promotional avenue is available in the Department for operative staff for getting Gr.B promotion except 6% GL quota in PSS Gr.B exam.


Therefore to make more efficiency by boosting the moral of the postmasters 100% post of Sr.Postmaster is to be given to Postmaster cadre officials as they are not given chance to appear for the Group B exams.  When an operative units gives more than 100% output the work of inspection and related checking gradually reduces. Therefore, instead of cutting the weeds after grown, it is wise to stop the growth at the bottom level. Therefore, more Post offices should be identified for postmaster cadre with enhanced charm will reduce the burden of expense bill to the exchequer .

Proposed cadre restructuring:-


No cadre review is taken place since many years in operative side.  Due to meager promotional opportunities, we are losing charming persons to attract to the Department.  A PA will get retire as PA only in our Department without any promotions though we are offering LSG, HSG-II promotions at the fag end of their retirement stage.  Hence, we are submitting following proposal for kind perusal and cause issue of suitable action favorably.


a)    Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- should be granted to Grade-I Post Masters. Because they are the face of the department and holding higher responsibility for the span of long period in comparing with other general line officials and administrative officiers.


b)    Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- should be granted to Grade-II Post Masters. This also can be supported that up to 4th Pay Commission HSG and ASP are having same and identical pay scales and they are also discharging sup-appointing authorities duties in addition to their normal duties.


c)    All 116 Senior Post Master posts should be given to Post Master Cadre officials only and 75% of that posts may be filled up through LDCE among the Post Master cadre officials who have completed 5 years of service.  Because, Directorate categorically stated that these cadre officials should continue in this hierarchy only not in general line. It is against the principles of natural justice to open these promotional channel to other cadre officials ie. IP/ASP cadre. 



d)    And, all Head Post Offices situated in District Head Quarters should be upgraded and identified as Senior Post Master with Grade Pay of Rs.4800/-.Due to these approximately 600 HOs will be identified as Gazetted Post Offices and these Senior Post Masters may be given to these cadre officials only and filled up by seniority cum fitness basis. For effective and better administration this will be very useful for the department in future to implement all kinds of projects under India Post, 2012 project.  So that the Divisional Heads will also get relieve from flood of work and they can bitterly monitor remaining entire division, effectively.  Further this will not hamper anybody’s promotional avenues.


Calculation for Para-4:- Already HSG-I or Grade-III Post Masters are working in the Head Post Offices. They are in Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- only.  If we identify these posts as Senior Post Masters and grant Grade Pay of Rs.4800/-, it will hardly increase


1.    Grade Pay                                   : 200

2.    Dearness Allowance                 : 180

3.    HRA                                             :   20 (10% of Basic Pay)


          TOTAL                              :  400/-


            Already we have 116 Senior Post Master posts at District Head Quarters only. Hence net effect will be applicable only to 484 posts only.


            Hence, 484X400=1,93,600/- per month extra expenditure will be incurred only.    This will comes an amount of 1,93,600x12= 23,23,200/- per year.(23 lakhs per year)


            Due to this out of 3103 posts available to this cadre officials, 600 Senior post master cadre posts will be available and the ratio of their promotions chance will also become 20% from present 0.93%.


Conclusion: Since many years operative staff are deprived of legitimate promotions and kept operative staff in dormant condition. Whereas other administative cadre are   managed to get benefits in their favour periodically by lobbing through their official channels and no one advocates for this highly reponsbility taking cadre in the India Post.  In all previous five cadre reviews, operative staff lost their many promotions by way of TBOP and BCR financial up-gradations besides surrendering posts for matching savings.  Now 6th cadre review is presently under consideration, Since we have received so many representations from Post Master Cadre officials and it reflects their aspirations towards organizational growth we hope positive response from the Department and give grand glory to Post Master Cadre to uphold true spirit of aspirations for creating this cadre.

 Submitted in the interest of Postmaster cadre by

                            All India Association of Postmaster Cadre
                                                          Ganesh Sable
                                                      General Secretary